This is a set of mods to help you immerse yourself in Arma 3. I’m going to avoid unit packs, these are mostly effects and gameplay.

CBA_A3 is a standard requirement for a lot of mods for good reason. It makes things a lot easier to configure and set up.

A3 Thermal Improvement changes and enhances thermal vision. When flying and in vehicles, it helps navigate when using thermal vision. Just check the keybindings.

ACEX does some simple things to help with ACE. It adds food and water (optional), sitting and moving chairs, forced first or third person depending on some settings, options to change your visual range, and a few more.

Advance Aero Effects adds some cool effects for your jets. Ground effects, Cam-shake for fly-by, Sonic boom effects, vapor trail, wing vortices at low speeds, landing smoke effects, taxing cam shake, CH-67, and CH47(RHS) can float, and G-Force effects.

Advanced Rappelling – Reworked will allow you to rappel from any helicopter.

Advanced Sling Loading allows a lot more objects to be moved by helicopters.

Advanced Towing is a simple mod that allows towing of boats, tanks, and many other vehicles.

Advanced Urban Rappelling is a simple mod that allows you to rappel from any high building.

ASR AI3 is an AI Enhancement mod to make the AI more human-like intelligence. 

BlastCore Murr Edition adds beautiful explosions, effects, smoke, and fire. Enhanced bullet impacts for various materials, sparks, blast reflections, lingering dust.

BloodLust adds blood and bleeding. Fun, buggy, laggy. I recommend towhite list this, don’t require it.

Cartridge Cases leaves brass on the ground.

Chemical Warfare Heal adds CS gas, nerve gas, and other chemical warfare things.

Cinematic Lens Flare adds lens flares. Not that your eyes are cameras, but you may enjoy it.

Desert AAF Retexture changes the AAF to a brown camo for a more realistic Altis Army. I was always confused why AAF wore bright green in an arid environment.

Drongos Enhanced Interface makes some items activate when you click on them, like camping gear. The tent will allow you to change the time and carry around an arsenal.

DUI-Squad Radar adds a small radar and spatial awareness for your squad around you. 

Enhanced Missile Smoke + Lighting Efx Mod v1.4 adds missile smoke for rockets and AA missiles.

Enhanced Movement+Rework lets you hop fences and climb. A must for urban fights.

Fawks’ Enhanced NVGs add custom color NVG effect. Green, white, modern, and amber.

GreenMag is a simple mag that allows you to reload your magazines.

Immersion Cigs is simple and looks good.

Lambs_Suppression changes AI to behave better when being shot at, they can be suppressed better. The survival rate of AI during a firefight with cover is noticeably better. This mod works with other AI mods.

Light Blue Water Colour Mod changes the water to look more Mediterranean. Yes, that’s the UK way to spell color.

Military Ranks and Insignias mod adds standard US military ranks for your uniform.

MRB Voice Stop stops your character from barking orders and spotting. Useful when you don’t run ACE.

MRH Satellite gives you a way to get a satellite feed in Arma.

PPL gives you a way to save load-outs for next time.

RR Immersive Maps by Laxemann lets you pull out a map when looking at one. Rather than just fishing through your inventory.

SigSound is a great sounding sound rework mod. Your firefights won’t be the same. I swear I can smell the gunpowder during a firefight. Just play the video, it sounds GREAT.

Simple UBGL Change Kit gives you the ability to add a grenade launcher attachment to your rifle.

Splendid Lighting Modification gives the map better shadows and lighting for Arma. A great color correction or filter mod.

Sullen Skies gives you better volumetric clouds in Arma. You can make the skies look gorgeous. 

Suppress is a simple feature, blur your vision when taking rounds near you. It helps adds ‘fear’ and makes firefights last longer.

Tactical Weapon Swap lets you sling your rifle in front rather than on the back for a faster pull-up.

TFAR is a radio immersion that works with Team Speak. TFAR helps with communication during large operations.

VileHUD allows you to hide your interface when “O” is pressed.

XENO Taru Pod MOD gives you the option to change your pod and attach new ones when using the vanilla Taru.

WMO stands for Walkable Movable Objects. Allows you to reasonably stay on a vehicle when moving.

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If you need a server to host all of these mods? Check out the link below.

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