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We know de way.

About Us

We are Golden Legion. We at GL attempt to provide a tactical, organized environment while staying casual and fun. All nationalities are accepted as we have people from East to West who play. We act as many and attack as one, using effective communication to move, spot and kill. As Legionaries we are mainly an infantry force and focus on infantry tactics for our missions, since it is what we enjoy the most. There are many other roles to fulfill as we grow and incorporate combined arms, such as CAS, UAV, Vehicles, Helicopters, Logistics etc. This community was founded on the strict belief that we are here to have fun. No drama, no undesirable rules and most of all, fair leadership within our staff.

We started off as admins, developers and dedicated players from many communities. With this experience, we march together and do what we know is right: create an ecosystem where new and veteran players alike can have fun together. This is a goal we are working day and night to achieve. For you. For us.

Golden Legion is a PMC (Private Military Company) so there are no ranks to climb. Just training and skills to acquire. The hierarchy is really simple. We have grunts, junior officers and officers.

Member Application

Golden Legion is a PMC (Private Military Company) so there are no ranks to climb. Just training and skills to acquire. Payments(role play money, essentially meaningless points) will be given out per difficulty of the mission upon completion. The hierarchy is really simple. We have grunts, officers and the cabinet. The cabinet has no combat authority, but takes care of the business end of GL. Officers will command on the battle. Orders should be carry out in the spirit of the order, not the letter. The exception is the "officer being a dick" clause. In which case an order can be refused, but may result in a dock of pay.

11 + 12 =

After we get and accept your application you can get the Unit Patch by the link below.



Server name: Golden Legion
Current Map Rotation: Altis->Malden->Stratis->Tanoa
Server IP:
Port: 2307
Required Mods: Check the OP’s page for the latest.
Recommended mods: Enhanced Movement, JSRS, Blastcore, Shacktac
Server type: Dedicated, Linux
Required version: Latest


“Liberation is our pride and joy. This is what brought us all together in the beginning. We run an Apex Framework Liberation on a dedicated, persistent server, which has been customized to cater to our thirst for cooperative and engaging operations. Liberation is an all out war on conquering and taking back objectives and finally, the island. As the commander instructs; you squad up with other players for a cooperative initiative with intense battles as we wage war against AI controlled forces. Want to join the server? Copy the server IP into the “Direct Connect” module of your ArmA 3 Launcher and join in on the fun!”


Server name: To be announced.
Server IP: N/A
Mods: N/A
Required DLC: N/A
Server type: N/A
Required version: N/A

“Wasteland is a survival-based game type that pits you against other players and AI alike. There are three factions. BluFor, OpFor and Independent. BluFor and OpFor are fighting for control af an island, along with Indeps, whom fight amongst themselves and against the other forces. Teaming up with others is advised, as you are figting for territory and money, which you can then use to build you own base., buy vehicles and build up your personal arsenal. There is loot, such as guns and other equipment, scatterd around the towns. You can choose to sell this loot, or put it in your base’s stash to arm your personal military.”

Golden Legion MilSim

Server name: To be announced.
Server IP: N/A
Mods: N/A
Required DLC: N/A
Server type: N/A
Required version: N/A

“When normal operations aren’t enough to sate your thirst for true, hardcore combat, we offer a modded game type that focuses on immersion and realism for militaristic warfare. This gametype showcases what is possible when a squad acts as a well-oiled machine and focuses on cover to cover tactics, rather than run and gun playstyles. Not for the faint of heart.”

Our Schedule

Training Tuesdays

Learn Golden Legion’s tactics and communication to help you succeed on the battlefield. Based off of real U.S. Military drills and exercises.

Operations Saturday

Custom campaign tailored for cooperative warfare and teamwork. Show up 15 minutes early to set up mods and be part of the briefing. Message Nadernade to reserve a role and/or to show interest in joining! Check event registry for available roles, otherwise prepare to be a basic rifleman.

Persistent Operations
All Day, Every Day.

Join one of our many servers to relax, play competitively, or see what you’re made of.

Development Crew

Founder: Nadernade
Lead Developers: Discount Ninja & TheFlamingRed
Administrators: Mazen, Pontu & Scud

Our Modlist

Golden Legion Operations

We change this from time to time, we try to keep this mod list simple and as stream lined as possible.

Donation Page

Thank you for your support!

Discount Ninja has maintained this community’s servers and website out of pocket from the beginning. We ask you to consider supporting our servers, our staff, and our growth by donating to our official Paypal. These donations go directly towards our goal of one year of payments for our two servers and the website, unless told otherwise by you, our supporters. The total amount for servers and website being $660 a year.

Our staff puts a lot of time, effort and research into organizing events, creating missions, developing the Liberation server and generally creating a fun atmosphere; All for the low cost of free. Please consider supporting us in creating our dream of a successful and fully funded community.