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What you need to know, am I wearing pants?

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GL: Hearts & Minds
Server: Golden Legion
Mod list: Modlist link
Mission: H&M
Roles needed: Infantry, medics, Engineers, EOD, lots of EOD
Description: Secure Gaza from Hamas.

Hearts & Minds

Right Click – Save Link

In the Arma Launcher, Click on […More] and go to [import list of mods from a file].

Select gl-mod.html



  Rules and what to expect

How to join

There is no sign-up list, it’s first come, first served. Specific positions will be done by first come, first served. This will be done in the role selection screen. It should be straight forward. If you see lines of ‘medic and engineer’ all the way down, the specific assignments will be given during the mission briefing.

You do not need to be in GL to join the OP. But it’s highly recommended you join our discord. Link in the top right of the page.

You will need the mod list, the button is found above.

Before the OP

Do not fire or test fire any fire arm. You may wake or alarm enemies to your position.
Grenades should be on 2xG, if you drop one you may be banned.
Keep music down and don’t be obnoxious about it.
If this is an OP with an arsenal, you’ll see the familiar green box, try to be quick.
Try to find a battle buddy. Organize yourselves in 4 man fire teams, no more. 2 Fire teams make up a squad.
Vehicle crew will be considered their own fire team.

Each squad will have a squad lead and the fire team leader will be second in command.
The composition of your fire teams and squad is entirely up to you and the mission ahead.
Some operations operate require food/water or one life, these will be mentioned in Briefing.


When briefing starts, music stops and arsenal dress up is on hold.
In the briefing the objectives and assets will be laid out.
After this briefing squads and fire teams will be finalized.

Once the briefing ends there will be an officer briefing a short time later. This meeting will include the commander, team leaders, squad leaders, pilots and vehicle commanders.
This meeting is closed doors where we will come up with the strategy or finalize the strategy. We lay out all of our intelligence, and come onto the same page. The meeting ends as soon as all the leaders are in agreement.

During the Operation

Try to stay in character in the simulation, we’re going for immersion.
It’s also never too late to join an op. Life happens.
It’s recommended to enable Arma music. Zeus will give situational awareness by playing DJ.
Story Ops will have role-play.

Rules of engagement (Unless specified in briefing)
Absolutely no friendly fire.
Identify all targets before firing.
No civilian casualties or collateral damage will be tolerated.
Commandeering vehicles is not permitted.
Aircraft require permission for each fire run near any town or city.
Artillery also will require fire permissions from the commander for each shot.
Hostages/Refugees are not your friend, nor enemy. Take care of medical needs after you search and remove weapons.
Any informant is to be treated like a liar.  Relay the intel to the leaders to make a call.

Post OP:

Debriefing. We’ll go over story details, fun, challenge level and tactical execution. Then share everyone’s experiences. I welcome all input, good or bad. If you have something else to say, bring it to me personally.

Only after briefing are you permitted to shoot each other and that will be done away from the briefing area.

Intentional Overdosing and team killing may result in a ban.

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