Golden Legion

Frequently Asked Questions


Why you running?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Golden Legion

Golden is a gaming community mostly centered around Arma III, the community is pretty open and welcoming. We started as admins from other communities that came together to form a greater whole.

Can we play with X map/mod?

Yes and no. Our public Liberation server has only what it needs. Our operation server has ACE and our public does not. There we are open to more maps and mods/gameplay.

Though, we only open our private server to friends and members.

Can we play with X feature?

Maybe, that depends if it’s a good fit AND if it can be implemented. Public server needs to be vanilla connectable. That limits features to white listed mods and scripts on the server. With a script, you don’t have to download anything besides the mission. We have a few great features already in, come try it out!

How do I find your servers?

The address is always: 2307
You can connect to it directly through that link or look for ‘golden legion’ in a server search.

Why don't you use an automatic restart?

Mainly because in Liberation we’d loose progress, between objectives and securing assets, we restart when convenient to us. Around 600 enemy deaths is a good time.

What's a Headless Client?

A headless client is a client server that doesn’t have any interface. It becomes a slave to offload processes from the server and splits the load. Liberation has a great headless client setup that gives great performance.

You can see the server and what it’s doing in the bottom left of the map, though, you won’t be able to see what the headless client is doing with out being the admin.

Overall it improves the server so the simulation feels much more dynamic and lifelike.

What is the map rotation?

Generally it is: Malden -> Stratis -> Altis -> Special

Special maps can be Opfor Liberation, Tanoa or any other we normally don’t rotate in.

How do I get flight permissions?

First you’ll have to join our discord. Link is above in the top right ‘discord’. Once you join mention @commanders in your message.

Be aware that there isn’t always a commander available

Also vehicles are not free and have a cost. If you are careless or not a good pilot you may have your permissions stripped away

Also be aware that we do not allow more than 2 fixed wing in the air at any time.

How do I get other permissions?


That’s up to the commander really.

Where do I report problems/bugs?

Discord. Look for the appropriate channels.

What game modes do you play?

Liberation mostly, escape, Antistasi and others. It really depends on who’s on and our mood.

How do I join Golden Legion

It’s frequently asked for people who don’t visit the site. Go to the home page and scroll down. There are 11 questions to answer. After that someone will get back to you. Be sure you’re also on Discord.

How long does it take to process my application?

That more so depends on the hour it is. We currently have one person processing applications. If there is nothing to worry about in the application, we’ll do a brief interview to see if there was anything confusing about the application. Then go from there.
Good case, a day. Otherwise it can take a week.

After that you’ll be put in our roster and given a Unit tag. A lot of people try to submit applications through the Arma Unit page, we don’t really read these.

Who made this cool site?

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Glad you like it, they can do the same for you.