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Arma Units

I am looking for active units to put up here, If you want to feature your Unit here for no cost, hit me up (Discount Ninja) on Discord.

One of the best and worst parts of Arma is multiplayer, but for that, you’ll need to join a Unit. Joining a Unit generally requires application and training. You can end up with a tight group of friends or have conflicts. It can be hard to find an Arma Unit, so I’m compiling a list, enjoy.

Before we look at the Units, I’ll go over some major terms a lot of Units used.

Milsim Types

There is usually a strict hierarchy of ranks. You usually find a lot of privates and corporals in a Milsim unit. Very top-down, high-level organization. There’s formal training and qualifications on equipment
This is usually an authentic recreation of a real-life unit. You often find Active Military and Veterans in these groups.

This type of unit usually goes for science fiction or historical settings. Popular Examples are; Halo Units, Star Wars, WWII, Vietnam, and Warhammer. The focus is on the setting.
Usually a formal structure
Training can be non-existent or formal

This type of unit focuses on fun and gameplay. Ranks are very simplified. No loadout limits, you’ll often find someone that blows up friendly assets for shits and giggles. These are usually an open community.


If you want your Unit to appear in this list, get in touch with “Discount Ninja”. Either on Steam or Discord, the easiest way may be Discord.

unit:Golden Legion Short: GL Operating Since: January: 2017 Branch: PMC Type: Realism Hierarchy: Simple Rank(howto): Contribute Rank in game: No Require Training: Yes (Basic, Medical, Advanced tactics…) Certifications: Yes Schedule: OP dependent, See Ops page Dedicated Servers: 1-2 Dedicated Units: Medics, Pilots Operation Types: Coop/Zeus, campaign /w story Requirements: Over 16+, Working Mic, English ACE: Yes Major Mods: RHS, Custom Website: Multi grouping: Yes Discord: Yes

What does it all mean?


Unit: What the group is called
Short: What the group would look like shortened, what the name tag looks like
Operating Since: When the group started
Branch: What branch of the Military does the Unit Operate as?
Type: This is related to the Branch
Hierarchy: What type of Ranks do the members have?
Rank (how-to): How you go up the ranks
Rank in game: Does the rank in game matter? If it’s relaxed, you won’t need to salute higher ranks
Require Training: To become a full member in good standing, is training required?
Certifications: Additional specialized training for specific Roles and ranks?
Schedule: When do you do ops? Time zone?
Dedicated Servers: How many servers and what type you’ll see
Dedicated Units: Does the group have dedicated roles? Dedicated detachments?
Operation Types: What type of operations are hosted
Requirements: What requirements you need to join
ACE: Is the mod Advanced Combat Enhanced 3 ACE3 used?
Major Mods: Major mods that are a staple of the Unit
Website: Want to read more?
Multi grouping: Does the group allow you to participate with other groups?
Discord: The Discord connection info which will likely get you into the group.

Realism Units

HM Armed Forces

Dive into a world of tactical realism and immersive military gameplay on our 24/7 dedicated server. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the Arma series, our collection of carefully curated mods will transport you into the heart of military operations, offering a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Unit: HM (His Majesty) Armed Forces
Short: HMAF
Operating Since: 2023
Branch: Tri-Service
Type: Milsim
Hierarchy: Yes
Rank (how-to): Role dependent/activity
Rank in-game: Yes (more relaxed)
Require Training: Yes
Certifications: Yes
Schedule: GMC, Varies
Dedicated Servers:
   1: KP-Lib, H&M, Scenarios
   2: Operations Server/Training
Dedicated Units: Yes, All (Armor, CAS, etc…)
Operation Types: Pre-made Scenarios /w Zeus, Custom scenarios

Requirements: Mature and compatible personality (banter)
Major Mods: ACE, KAT, BAF, CUP, RHS
Multi grouping: Yes
Discord: yes


Unit: Fox Company
Short: Fox Co.
Operating Since: March 2023
Branch: NDF Army – Dependent on current Campaign
Type: Realism (Simplified ranks)
Hierarchy: Role Dependent
Rank(howto): Unit Structure roles for various Unit needs (no rank)
Rank in game: No, only for job
Require Training: Qualification-based training for role usage
Optional infantry tactics training and CLS training
Certifications: Yes
Schedule: Main event is Saturday 10pm EST, side events through the week in the evening EST
Dedicated Servers: 1
Dedicated Units: Infantry, Air, Artillery, Armor, Medical, Logistics Operation Types: Dynamic and Persistent campaign using scripts, no zeus.
Requirements: Mature. Must have mic and legal copy of Arma 3 ACE: Yes
Major Mods: CUP, KAT Medical, LAMBS AI
Website: No
Multi grouping: No

2nd Marine Division

Unit: 2nd Marine Division
Short: 2nd MD/HBG

Operating Since: December 2014
Branch: USMC
Hierarchy: Standard USMC
Rank How to: Contribute/Attendence
Rank in Game: No
Required Training: Yes (BCT, specialization training if desired)
Certifications: Yes
Dedicated servers: 1
Dedicated Units: Corpsmen, Artillery, Armor, Aviation
Requirements: Working Microphone, English
Operation Types: Zeus, Persistent campaign/story
ACE: Yes
Major Mods: CUP/RHS
Multi Grouping: Yes
Discord: Yes

Unit: The Lost Battalion
Short: TLB
Operating Since: 2018
Branch: Army Rangers / Special Forces
Type: Realistic
Hierarchy: Role Dependent
Rank (how-to): Role dependent/activity
Rank in game: relaxed
Require Training: BCT optional RASP1 mandatory
Certifications: Yes
Schedule: Fridays at 19:00 CEST/CET
Dedicated Servers: 3 main servers in total
1: Operation Server
2: Training Server
3: Gamemode server
Dedicated Units: Yes
Operation Types: Zeus, Persistent campaign/story
Direct Action, Convoy Operations, Night Raids, Humanitarian Efforts, Maritime Operations and more
Requirements: 15 years old(mature), Microphone (TeamSpeak3)
ACE: Yes
Major Mods: Ace, RHS, CUP, 3CB.
Website: Yes
Multi grouping: Yes (some exceptions)
Discord: Yes

4th Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment

Unit: 4th Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment
Short: 4RB
Operating Since: 2021
Branch: Army Rangers
Hierarchy: Army Military Ranks
Rank How to: Specific Preset for each stage
Rank in Game: Yes (not strict)
Required Training: Yes
Certifications: Yes
Dedicated servers: 2
Dedicated Units: 75th Rangers, 160th SOAR, 17th STS, and 1st SFOD(& more)
Requirements: Over 16, English, Microphone, Willing to learn, Attend training
Operation Types: Direct Action, Convoy Operations, Night Raids, Humanitarian Efforts, Maritime Operations
ACE: Yes
Major Mods: RHS, 3CB, Large Customs
Website: Yes
Multi Grouping: Yes (some exceptions)
Discord: Yes

Semi-Realism Units

222nd Siege Battalion

Unit: 222nd Siege Battalion
Short: 222nd
Operating Since: 2020
Branch: Grand Army of the Republic
Type: Semi-Realism (Star Wars)
Hierarchy: Recruit to Clone Commander
Rank (how-to): Contribution
Rank in game: Yes, Relaxed
Require Training: Basic
Certifications: Yes
Schedule: One weekday training (optional)
One Saturday or Sunday Operation at 2pm EST

Dedicated Servers: 2
Dedicated Units: Airborne, ARF, Pilot, and Armor
Operation Types: Seek and Destroy
Requirements: Microphone, Maturity, and a positive attitude
ACE: Yes
Major Mods: JLTS, 3as, DBA
Website: No
Multi grouping: Allowed
Discord: Yes

Casual Units

Coming Soon