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Arma Units

One of the best and worst parts of Arma is multiplayer, but for that, you’ll need to join a Unit. Joining a Unit generally requires application and training. You can end up with a tight group of friends or have conflicts. It can be hard to find an Arma Unit, so I’m compiling a list, enjoy.

Before we look at the Units, I’ll go over some major terms a lot of Units used.

Milsim (Military Simulation)
This means a Hardcore Unit. There is a strict hierarchy of ranks. You usually find a lot of privates and corporals in a Milsim unit. Very top-down, high-level organization. There’s formal training and qualifications on equipment
This is usually an authentic recreation of a real-life unit. You often find Active Military and Veterans

The Good: Immersion
The Bad: Marches (it happens), ranks do not mean maturity (getting yelled at by a 12-year-old that “outranks” you.

This type of Unit is a little less serious than Milsim. The focus is on realistic equipment and gameplay. There is a possibility of Ranks, but doesn’t focus on them. You usually find PMC and Special Force Units in this category.

This type of unit usually goes for science fiction or historical settings. Popular Examples are; Halo Units, Star Wars, WWII, Vietnam, and Warhammer. The focus is on the setting.
Usually a formal structure
Training can be non-existent or formal

This type of unit focuses on fun and gameplay. Ranks are very simplified. No loadout limits, you’ll often find someone that blows up friendly assets for shits and giggles.


If you want your Unit to appear in this list, get in touch with “Discount Ninja”. Either on Steam or Discord, the easiest way may be Discord.

Unit: Golden Legion
Short: GL
Operating Since: January: 2017
Branch: PMC
Type: Realism
Hierarchy: Simple
Rank(howto): Contribute
Rank in game: No
Require Training: Yes (Basic, Medical, Advanced tactics…)
Certifications: Yes
Schedule: OP dependent, See Ops page
Dedicated Servers: 1-2
Dedicated Units: Medics, Pilots
Operation Types: Coop/Zeus, campaign /w story
Requirements: Over 16+, Working Mic, English
ACE: Yes
Major Mods: RHS, Custom
Multi grouping: Yes
Discord: Yes

Milsim Units

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Realism Units

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Casual Units

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