Rules and Conduct


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Player Rules

1. Absolutely no team-killing. Even if the person is a friend of yours, purposely team-killing sends the wrong message to newcomers and spams the chat. If by chance you are team-killed, DO NOT FIRE BACK. Contact the admin staff and they shall deal with it. Taking justice into your own hands is frowned upon.

2. Killing civilians is not allowed. Collateral damage to civilian property, i.e. destruction of residences, etc. must be kept to a minimum.

3. Do not take any civilian’s vehicles. No exceptions.

4. Airstrikes and/or fire-missions in places where collateral damage is likely, such as towns and populated areas, must be approved by the commander – this goes for each instance.

5. All players must stick one objective at a time as to minimize straining the server’s resources. You can do your own thing as long as it’s in the same area.

6. You may build vehicles but do so within reason. Resources are shared so be sure to not go Monopoly Guy on them. “It’s Free Real Estate”

7. Never use cluster munitions. Although very effective, it leaves a lot of unexploded ammunition (UXO) which will come back to bite you, the civilians and friendly forces.

8. Wearing enemy outfits not acceptable. Try to avoid unnecessary friendly fire.

9. Always listen to admin/commander instructions, even if you do not agree with them, admins have the final say. Should you continue to believe the admin is wrong and/or has abused his power, feel free to contact Any of the Officers in discord. If you act dis-respectable to players or the commander you may be banned with out warning.

Player Guidelines

-Don’t forget to build storage containers on captured factories (fuel pump icon on the map), those help the commander setup production facilities and supply lines to keep the FOBs receiving resources passively.

– When you cap an area, be sure to bring back any crates you find – each crate is worth 500 of whatever resource it is. The brown supply boxes results in 500 supply, grey ammo boxes in 500 ammo and the fuel barrels in 500 fuel.

– In addition, when a town has been liberated (square with a black dot) , there is a chance that injured civilians will spawn (purple circles). Be sure to track them down and heal them. It increases our reputation and thus guerrillas will fight on our side! On the other hand, if our reputation gets low enough, guerillas will plant IEDs on roads and ambush our supply convoys.

– Try to retrieve abandoned vehicles back to the FOBs, it saves us the trouble of buying new ones and if they’re no longer needed, you can recycle them and get a good portion of the resources back.

– When someone surrenders, bring them back to a FOB. They can be interrogated and give us intel which in turn can help us do FOB hunts which limits the enemies ability to wage war. Don’t give them an easy way out.

– Try to avoid respawning immediately if you go down. The server has a revive system which allows a medic AI to revive you and other players might be on their way to rescue you!

– Try to capture enemy vehicles. It goes a long ways if we can wage war with their own machines!

– Most people want to fly. However, that does not mean there ought to have more in the air than on ground. We recommend there to be a maximum of two fixed wings. One CAS(Close-Air-Support) and one CAP(Combat-Air-Patrol or Anti-Air). You only need one good pilot. Their combined force should to be enough to eliminate most, if not all, enemy threats. If you still wish to fly, consider providing transport for troops. Consider taking a Kajman that acts as a multi-role, transport troops and deliver a proper beating!

– Learn to not bother with thermals. A good percentage of enemy forces are composed of Viper squadrons which wear thermal cloaked outfits. Most people can’t tell friend or foe in thermals.

– Anytime you use artillery, notify the people on the ground, air and commander where and when you’re firing. Let them know how many shells you’ve fired and how long until they hit.

-Join a squad that’s already on the ground or support troops some other way.

-The recommended tank crew is one medic and one engineer.

-The carrier has many vehicles that can be used. These are to be used in emergencies. None of the vehicles will be saved if brought to a FOB. (Updated version). Use them wisely,
don’t throw them away.


Each rule and guideline was created because someone caused a problem. DON’T BE THE PERSON WE HAVE TO MAKE A RULE FOR!

Commander Roles and Regulations

Commander. You are the first impression for everyone that joins . Act mature at all times.
assist new players to the game and to the server.
abusing this responsibility will lead to a swift rejection from the community.

Check ‘Commanders-Chat ‘ and ‘trainee-chat’ for pinned messages and announcements on the server.


Server (Commander enforced) Rules

• One Task at time – Focus on one operation at a time, do not activate several objectives by yourself.
• 2 Fixed Wing. (1 CAS, 1 CAP). This is for fixed wing only. Helicopters have no limit currently. Fixed wing MUST fly above 1300m at all times when not in combat.
• Own everything. If you did well, or poorly, this reflects you as command.
• No abuse. Absolutely NO toxic behavior or harassing players.
• Report via screen shots. Report people through the proper channels, evidence will help your case.
• Don’t go alone. You can operate alone but you cannot activate new areas by yourself. You should kick these people with a warning first.
• Keep Good RoE. Don’t waste people’s lives, soldiers, civilians or prisoners of war. This includes FF (Friendly Fire) and any use of mines must be authorized by the commander.


Terminology and Meanings

• Maturity is:
1. Taking responsibility for your own actions and accept the consequences for each of these actions.
2. Keep contentions at a minimum. Do not argue in public with members or players. Do not be offensive and harass people. Stay calm. Relaxed and enjoy the community.

• Bad Commander – Someone who makes everyone preform at their worst.
• Good Commander – Someone who makes everyone perform at a normal level.
• Great commander – Someone who makes everyone perform at a higher level they could not do themselves. Inspire people.

• Bad CAS – Can’t get the job done. Slow at finding targets, worries about AA.,
• Good CAS – Finds targets, Gets the job done. AA is a non issue.
• Great CAS – Everyone feels safer when you’re in the air followed by SHOCK and AWE. With good communication.


Commander Characteristics

Keep it fun. This means something to do and keeping everyone engaged, too much Zeus and it ruins the flow of the game mode.

Be cool. Stay calm and collected. Don’t let a lot of things get to you. Let little things go. Be an enjoyable player, people should want to play with you. Your attitude does affect others.

Lead. Have a plan. Be understanding, guide noobs and veterans alike and assist players. Be assertive with out being mean, rude or mad. If needed, discuss any confusion via group chat or Discord. A lot of executive decisions will be yours to make, take care to think through the consequences of these decisions and ensure you are improving the game-play of the server.

Be diligent and consistent with warnings. Do not let randoms or even GL members walk over you.

• Don’t be too strict. Do NOT be a drill sergeant, nobody wants to be yelled at and forced to do all the things./

Report any consistent or major problems with GL members to any officer. It is your responsibility to bring organization to the chaos that is the public server.

Use Gifts Sparingly. People will ask you to do things that you do not have to do. Use your discretion. Gifts are best appreciated when they are RARE.



•Anyone with a GL tag should get full permissions and then removed from there.
• Light vehicle/Heavy Vehicle permissions should be free, given and taken away at the commander’s discretion.
•Flight Permissions are a privilege given to everyone that joins the Discord server, it is also removed just as easily for people that are obviously inexperienced or who abuse the role.
• Build and Recycle permissions are given exclusively to GL members or well known regulars on the server. Executive decision to give these permissions is granted but be warned that people abuse build permissions and resources will be sacrificed. At the same time people have more fun when they can build.
• Other permissions are given to everyone as it is required for moving/loading/unloading/storing logistic crates and secondary objectives. If someone abuses secondary objectives. Feel free to remove those.


Commanding the server

Assign an operational area with multiple objectives and how to take these objectives. This can be done easily by assigning objectives in sequential order (obj 1, obj 2, obj 3 ….)
Create a main ground force squad for those in the area of operation (AO) so that people use group chat instead of side chat.

Feel free to lead these forces into the objectives. Ensure there is sufficient transport to objectives or people will be left behind. If additional support is required (CAS, Artillery, vehicles) then organize the forces required to provide this support.

Logistics are a big part of this role, resources (crates, POWs) need to be brought back to the base from objectives.
Managing aggression via secondary objectives is very important.
Use names if needed, “hey Nadernade, go over there and do that thing”


Using Zeus

There are several important modules that you will regularly use
Add to zeus – This adds anything that is spawned in so Zeus can interact with it. Default radius is 50, good enough if you place the module on top of what you want to interact with. 400 captures an entire square of the map when placed in the middle. Caution: Do not add more than 400 radius or the module does not work well and may lag/crash your client.
Teleport – Important for helping fixed players or vehicles (include vehicles when selecting the player)

Skip time – Rarely used when proper parameters are set. Moves time ahead based on what you select. Caution: this will black screen everybody on the server.
Be sure to replace vehicles that have been unintentionally destroyed by Arma physics.


Important Commands –

Discord will provide admin password

Only do these in vehicle chat when not in a vehicle.
#login “password”
#mission GL-Liberation.Tanoa ; GL-Liberation.Altis

It’s recommended to restart the server using the hosting interface as it causes less problems.


Known Bugs

Jets may explode upon entering with no fault to the pilot, respawn as needed.
Huron/Mobile respawn on the carrier may need to be moved to ground from the water. To do so add to zeus and move the Grass Cutter (this is what spawns in the huron) to the nearest FOB. (However, if you leave the area alone long enough the “area of physics” will be disabled and it will spawn with no damage.)


Reminders for the public in no particular order

• Ctrl+R to repack magazines, Radar has to be rebound
• Scroll wheel, select extended options, join main squad and use group chat.
• Stay off side chat.
• Discord information is on the map or visit



GL Liberation uses a lot of scripts to improve the quality of life:
• Jumping (While running)
• Repelling off of buildings
• Repelling off of helicopters
• Towing vehicles
• Advanced sling loading
• Advanced AI
• Ear plugs
• IR Strobes for night operations.
• Reverse thrust jets.

White listed and recommended mods:
• Shactac
• Enhanced Movement


Commander Tips

• First and foremost, you are a game-master. What that means is that it is YOUR job to make the experience more enjoyable to everyone else. It also means you’ll have to organize multiple people. The public liberation servers gets in average 20 players and that’s 20 people with their respective personalities and views into each situation, you must do your utmost best to get them working together and achieve the designated goals.

As a game-master you are granted moderation rights, including access to the admin password.

You can decide to punish someone by giving them a warning, revoking certain permissions, kicking or even banning someone. These punishments exist to attempt to re-educate players and this is where your focus should be. Whenever someone breaks a rule, you should seek to understand why they broke the rule. It might’ve been an accident, they might’ve not even known it was a rule and thus punishment becomes unfair. How to punish each rule violation is entirely up to your discretion
A good rule of thumb is to wonder – Does the punishment fit the crime? Had I done this violation and an admin had punished me this way, would I think “Fair enough” or “What a knobhead”?

Be a leader. As a commander it is your task to draw the offensive lines and set the objectives. There will come a time where there’s roughly 4 people on and you’ll need to take the reins on the ground. This is a burden you must endure as after doing your job of commanding NATO, you’ll also need to lead the squad into the battle-zone. Once more GL members join, feel free to promote one to squad leader and have him lead an assault squad. Should enough players join, it might be a good idea to make more squads. Keep in mind squad leaders also have the burden of commanding people, I find that after 8 people in a squad, efficiency starts to drop – quite rapidly.

Make the game more fun. Liberation is a fantastic game-mode on its own and backend developers are always hard at work to increase automation and ensure the experience is always good. However there’ll come a time where people are steamrolling through objectives and it will be too easy. At this point, you may want to “assist” CSAT by fortifying certain areas, maybe setup ambush points, roadblocks, granting them additional reinforcements, etc. As Zeus you can turn the tide of a battle but always keep in mind, at the end of the day, player enjoyment is the ultimate goal. There’s no point in giving the AI 50 T-140 armadas. Yes, the AI will hold their ground but the players will leave. You must find the line between challenge and ridiculousness. At the end of the day, if a player feels like he was tested and he came out on top, you’ve done your job very well.

Grant assets within reason. A lot of players will join the server and want to fly CAS. You might have done the same when you first joined too and the reason is simple: It is a lot of fun. It is also tremendously powerful in the right hands and might, effectively, break the game. Objectives will be too easy and infantry has nothing to do. The guidelines say there ought to be one CAS and one CAP, and despite the fact that this is a good rule of thumb, you must also keep in mind, how many players are online. If you have 2 players piloting fixed-wing, one for CAS and one for CAP while there’s 5 people on, there’s literally 3 other folks left for the ground team, including you. Instead seek to perform a proper combined arms warfare. Ensure there’s a good amount of infantry, motorized support, mechanized even. Nothing helps the infantry more than a Slammer UP showing up to a town where they were taking heavy fire from.

To bomb or not to bomb? Arma 3 has been around long enough that a good portion of players are able to do JTAC and coordinate proper air strikes, sometimes with surgical precision. Now, this IS a video game and fun is of the essence. However, a certain degree of realism is appreciated. I like to simulate that the NATO forces act in accordance to the Geneva Convention and thus impose certain restrictions: Absolutely avoid collateral damage. Altis population has it bad enough already without us carpet bombing their town to hell, not to mention that if a civilian dies, this WILL constitute a war crime. Another tactic adopted is to shell certain areas, and this is all well and good since it damages the enemy without giving them a chance to hurt us. However, ensure that only military assets are shelled. Once you overwhelm the enemy enough, they might surrender. If they do, you should respect their rights and effectively take them as a prisoner of war (Players sometimes refer to this as hostages despite it being a very incorrect term). You should bring these guys back to a FOB as they can provide intel and allow us to strike key CSAT targets. Under no circumstance should you kill these men, they have put their weapons down and are now classified as non-combatants –> effectively civilians. (Note that IDAP is a NGO and must not be engaged under any circumstance. Zeus may sometimes spawn in IDAP to assist in some humanitarian work like clearing minefields, ensure that IDAP is protected – You may arrest them if they fail to comply with your commands, however this is highly unlikely). In more complex Zeus scenarios one might have a medical truck which under the aforementioned convention, also classifies as a huge no-no in engagement, wounded soldiers should be healed regardless of which side they fight for and be classified as non-combatants. So… when should I order an airstrike? Well.. Up to you. In accordance to the server rules, you may not strike a civilian village/town/whatever. However, in combat you have to make split second decisions – If a T-100 is destroying your armoured advance and it’s taking refuge in town, a surgical strike may be in order, even if it might damage a civilian asset. Now, you are under no obligation to follow all of this, as I said, this is a video game. However these restrictions make it more fun for me and it forces you to rethink your strategies.