So I’m looking at some mods to add to this list of quality of life Arma 3 mods. Just like making a server modlist, it’s like a kid in a candy store. Oh, this will be a good addition. *Sigh* This is how you get huge modlists. This isn’t a complete list, as things update constantly. All of these mods are on the workshop, just click on the picture to go there. Here’s a quality of life modlist for Arma 3!

Arma 3 Quality of Life Mods

CBA_A3 is the mod you have to have. It’s required, but also gives you in-game settings you can change yourself. Usually, it just requires a map change, but everything you need is right there. No external config files.

ACE, love or hate it. It adds a lot more options when it comes to gameplay. A lot of the mods here will require it. You can also enable and disable the features that you want.

GreenMag is a newer mod on this list. The mod is really simple; GreenMag allows you to reload magazines. Instead of carrying bulky rounds, you can carry boxes of ammo and use those to refill your mags. This allows you to carry a lot more ammo into the fight. Sure, it takes time to load, but you can also do this in a car.

TFAR, is a quality of life improvement. This mod helps with communication by limiting it. You can talk in your immediate area and over the radio. It helps with the immersion. Terrain can limit your radio distance keep that in mind.

Blastcore Murr Edition is a great effects mod. This improves the look of smoke and explosions. Arma is not just about firefights, there’s a lot of booms to go with it, this mod improves that. Explosions have a shockwave as well as a boom. Vehicle cook-off seems to be a little more dangerous, but that may just be the effects.

Radio Animations for TFAR. TFAR already allows the mouths to move while you’re talking giving better immersion, but the radio animations help out. A simple mod that helps identify who’s talking better and just adds to the immersion.

Grad Trenches (Gruppe Adler Trenches) give you the ability to make cover where ever you are. Making trenches for vehicles, snipers or just heavy cover can add depth to the fights. Arma is realistic where most firefights happen in the street and the wilderness, most of the wilderness doesn’t have objects for cover, this fixes that.

Advanced Rappelling – Reworked is a mod that fixes the glitch with enhanced movement. No more falling from helicopters.

Arsenal Search is useful for those that use the inferior arsenal built-in with the game. The superior ACE arsenal has a lot more features anyway, but this helps.

Backpack on Chest – Redux is a simple mod that allows you to carry a backpack and gear into battle when para dropping. After you land and remove your backpack, you can move the backpack back onto your back where it can be used.

Walkable Helicopter Rappelling and Paradropping is a very immersive mod that allows you to walk around in a helicopter and then rappel from it. It is currently limited to two helicopters.

The Mighty GAU-8 Avenger is a mod that improves the Wipout or A-10. This allows more explosive and penetration damage. Good for infantry and tanks alike. Makes the A-10 really deadly.

BoxLoader – Vehicle in Vehicle loading is a mod that allows you to move objects and move/build a base.

cTab gives you access to a commander’s tablet to view UAV, head-mounted cameras and more! View the battlefield like never before!

Reduced Haze mod removes a lot of the haze Arma has, good for flying!

Advanced Aero Effects adds visual particle effects when flying. For those that love ariel combat, this will help with the immersion.

VileHUD adds a button to remove the HUD and all graphic (non-modded) effects, so you can play immersive or take good screenshots.

White_Phosphor changes the night vision look to the white phosphor.

Seb’s briefing table adds a miniature operation area to look at and plan on. Any custom objects added to the area will appear on this miniature map!

Helocast adds the ability for helicopters to deploy  and recover Zodiacs in the water. If you do operations that involve sea deployment at all, this mod can make the experience immersive.

Ace Vehicle Medical allows better interactions in the vehicle for recovering people and doing medical work. The mod adds icons, so you can easily identify what’s wrong with people visually.

Tactical position ready gives players the ability to quickly raise and lower their primary weapon to avoid friendly fire or just look tactical-cool.

Special Stealth Uniforms is a mod that adds to the default look of Arma and adds new camo patterns. Rather it fills in the missing camo patterns in vanilla Arma. Stealth suit for any environment.

C-RAM Tractor & Trailer Realistic is a mod that adds a mobile CWIS. Do I need to say more? Mobile CWIS!

Combat Rubber Raiding Craft adds proper CRRC (combat rubber raiding craft) to Arma. You can fit a large team tightly into the craft and better movement options with a good top speed of 45 kph.

Quick Loot to Vehicle adds an option to load a vehicle in Arma. This is useful for Antistasi and Vindicta.

Enhanced map ACE Version improves the features and contrast of any map. Mainly to show off the topographical features.

Octocamo_Suit adds a special tactical uniform that matches any environment. One camo to rule them all. The mod is still in development, the issue is there isn’t any gear that works with it.

Enhanced Movement Rework is a mod that aims to fix some issues with Enhanced Movement. If you want more options and to be able to tweak EM, this is the mod for you.

Swim Faster increases your speed by 50%. This includes vanilla swimming and with gear. If you do a lot of water operations, you may consider this.

If you want a place to host all of these mods check out the hosting link below.

Arma Server