Wouldn’t it be cool to have this? That’s how it usually starts, anyway. But proper modding is an uphill battle. And with Arma, it’s an up mountain battle without a map, compass in a blizzard.

The documentation is great if you already know what you’re doing.
Starting with the wiki, which does a fair job, but many descriptions are missing and formulas on how the mechanics’ work is just absent in most cases.

Apparently, I’m learning C++

Arma code, arrays don’t just take after C++ it is C++. Arma has utilities to CPP files and turns them into code that Arma can directly apply. I had no idea until someone pointed it out to me, then it just clicked. Remember the without a map and compass thing I mentioned? None of this was mentioned in the “beginner tutorials”. 

Internal experience required

The tools are for internal development, just released to the public. At least that’s what it feels like. Rather than having documentation, you get trained in the tools. I understand that well, though, it’s easier to train 5 or more people each than spend time putting together good documentation. A simple lesson can be taught in an hour, documentation to do the same can take many hours to put together.

You can feel the lack of polish on these tools and that they were just made in a hurry. Still, it’s nice that we have something like this to mod with, it just feels more like hand-me-down tools saying “Well I had to use these.”

That said, the tools are great after you’ve taken the huge step in learning them and getting things together. Can’t go there unless you already know where to go.

The light side

One of the cool things about modding in Arma is there are a few ways to do something. Scripting can get a lot done, most of the balance changes I’m doing can be done with just scripting. Proper mods and config files are another way.
Arma is an expansive engine with a lot of moving parts. We often complain about everything it doesn’t do. It’s especially visible when the AI breaks or a tank is flung across the universe.
It could just be me being bad at this. I still don’t fully understand inheritance. With modding Arma 3 it’s been pretty fun, there’s a lot of potential here. The best advantage I have access to many examples, including the game itself.