When it comes to Cheating in Arma 3, Arma doesn’t have any cheats. At least not in the traditional sense. What we do have is a developer’s console and the ability to add mods into the game. So how do you cheat in Arma 3?

Cheating in Arma 3 can be done in two ways, enabling the dev console and through mods. The console can execute scripts and requires a bit of knowledge. The mod you want to use is called “Simple Single Player Cheat Menu”, found on the Workshop.

Cheat Mod

You can get the mod here: Link. The mod features Zeus, an arsenal, a vehicle spawner, and more. To use the mod you have to go to the map and click on the new button “LOAD SSPCM”. That enables the mod and gives you access to all the features, in the new “Cheats!” menu. Once it’s enabled, go nuts!

Be sure you don’t use this mod on multiplayer servers. Everyone will receive a warning that you’re cheating and that you have enabled the menu. Server admins and moderators generally don’t like it, and you may be banned. Not to mention, it’s not a good thing to do.


This is a list of scripts for you to execute. Depending on the script, you may want to execute them locally or server wide. You can also use these directly on people through Zeus. Just copy the code, paste and execute.

KP Liberation Cheats

// Crate with 500 supplies spawn at player position.
[] call F_createCrate;

// Crate with 500 ammo spawn at player position.
[KP_liberation_ammo_crate] call F_createCrate;

// Crate with 500 fuel spawn at player position.
[KP_liberation_fuel_crate] call F_createCrate;

Liberation FOB Resources. You can put in this resource and “=” then a number and force that into the game.

The resources are:

  • KP_liberation_supplies_global
  • KP_liberation_ammo_global
  • KP_liberation_fuel_global
  • unitcap
  • KP_liberation_heli_count
  • KP_liberation_plane_count
  • KP_liberation_heli_slots
  • KP_liberation_plane_slots
  • combat_readiness
  • resources_intel
  • infantry_cap
  • KP_liberation_civ_rep
  • KP_liberation_guerilla_strength
  • infantry_weight
  • armor_weight
  • air_weight

Combat Readiness is the aggression in Liberation.

Resources_Intel is the intel points to spend on missions.

KP_liberation_civ_rep is the reputation % as a whole number. IED’s and convoy hijacking will occur when this numbers get low, as well as hostile guerrillas.

The _weight is the kill count done by Blueforce. This changes how the enemy responds, creating teams to counter each threat if one gets too high.

//This Example will set the aggression to -100%
combat_readiness = -100

General Scripts

These are my scripts I use all the time.

//Attempt to give Zeus
player assignCurator myCurator;

//Assign medic
player setUnitTrait ["Medic",true];

//Assign Engineer
player setUnitTrait ["Engineer",true];

Remove Stamina, weight and weapon sway.
player setCustomAimCoef 0.34;
player setUnitRecoilCoefficient 0.30;
player enablestamina false;
This is my Yeet Script. You can toss people in the air or use it to launch airplanes vertically. If you want to safely launch an airplane, I recommend keeping the number under 200 at first, once in the air you can toss them a lot harder.
When using the yeet script, keep in mind that players/infantry need a lot higher numbers to move. Vehicles can easily move with low numbers.

The script goes in X, Y, Z. This means X is East as a positive number, West as a negative number. Y means North as a positive, South as a negative. Z is directly up, negative is down.

_this setvelocity [0,0,200];

//Disarm someone

removeAllWeapons _this;

//Unlimited vehicle ammo

_this spawn { while {alive _this} do { _this setVehicleAmmo 1; sleep 3 } };
These scripts have been provided by SirFlavalot. If you have any scripts you’d like to see here, contact me.
Player spawns in a GBU with the same velocity as the bullet.

You can also use different ammo types:
“R_PG7_F”, “M_NLAW_AT_F”, “R_PG32V_F”, “R_TBG32V_F”, “M_TITAN_AT”, “M_TITAN_AP”, “Bo_GBU12_LGB”, “BombCluster_01_Ammo_F”

//Use on players only
player removeeventhandler["fired", FEH_missile];
FEH_missile = player addeventhandler ["fired", {
_bullet = nearestObject [_this select 0,_this select 4];
_bulletpos = getPosASL _bullet;
_o = "Bo_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle _bulletpos;
_weapdir = player weaponDirection currentWeapon player;
_dist = 11;
_o setPosASL [
(_bulletpos select 0) + (_weapdir select 0)*_dist,
(_bulletpos select 1) + (_weapdir select 1)*_dist,
(_bulletpos select 2) + (_weapdir select 2)*_dist
_up = vectorUp _bullet;
_o setVectorDirAndUp[_weapdir,_up];
_o setVelocity velocity _bullet;
//Player Infinite Ammo, requires an additional mag
player removeeventhandler["fired", FEH_playerAmmo];
FEH_playerAmmo = player addeventhandler ["fired", {(_this select 0) setvehicleammo 1}];
player allowDamage false;
//Every gun is a shotgun
if ( !(isNil "FEH_shotgunPlayer") ) then { player removeeventhandler["fired", FEH_shotgunPlayer];};
FEH_shotgunPlayer = player addeventhandler ["fired", {
_numBullets = 6; // # bullets added to each bullet fired
_spread = 1; // bullets spread angle
_rndAngle = 0.5; // max random angle added to spread
_startRadius = 0.0; // distance sideways bullets appear from original
_distanceOut = 0.75; // distance forward bullets appear from original
_bulletsPerCircle = 6; // # bullets per each revolution of spiral
_degreeStep = 360/_bulletsPerCircle;

// populate offsets array
_bulletInfo = [];
_angle = 0;

while {_angle < _degreeStep * _numBullets} do { _radius = _startRadius + (_angle * 0.0003); _offsetX = _radius * ( cos _angle ); _offsetZ = _radius * ( sin _angle ); _offset = [_offsetX, _distanceOut, _offsetZ]; _angleRadius = _angle / 360; _angleX = _spread * (cos _angle) * _angleRadius; _rndAngleX = _rndAngle/2 - random(_rndAngle); _angleZ = _spread * (sin _angle) * _angleRadius; _rndAngleZ = _rndAngle/2 - random(_rndAngle); _angles = [_angleX + _rndAngleX, _angleZ + _rndAngleZ]; _bulletInfo pushBack [_offset, _angles]; _angle = _angle + _degreeStep; }; // get bullet info _bullet = nearestObject [_this select 0,_this select 4]; _bulletType = typeOf _bullet; _bulletpos = getPos _bullet; _weapdir = player weaponDirection currentWeapon player; _up = vectorUp _bullet; _bulletPitchBank = _bullet call BIS_fnc_getPitchBank; _bulletPitch = _bulletPitchBank select 0; _bulletBank = _bulletPitchBank select 1; _bulletDir = getDir _bullet; // spawn bullets { _o = createVehicle [_bulletType, [0,0,0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _o setVectorDirAndUp[_weapdir,_up]; _offset = _x select 0; _vecToAdd = (_o modelToWorld _offset); _bulletPos2 = _bulletPos vectorAdd _vecToAdd; _o setPos _bulletPos2; _angles = _x select 1; _dir = _angles select 0; _pitch = _angles select 1; _o setDir _bulletDir + _dir; [_o, _bulletPitch + _pitch, _bulletBank] call BIS_fnc_setPitchBank; _o setVelocityModelSpace [0, vectorMagnitude (velocity _bullet), 0]; } forEach _bulletInfo; }];

//Heal yourself and others
player setdamage 0.0;
src = player; {_x setDamage 0;} forEach (src nearEntities ["Man", 25]);

//Repair anything in 10 meters
obj = (nearestObjects [src, ["LandVehicle", "tank", "helicopter", "ship", "plane"], 10]) select 0;
obj setdamage 0.0;
obj setVehicleAmmo 1;
//Make anycraft invulnerable and have infinite ammo
obj allowDamage false;
obj removeeventhandler["fired", FEH_vehicleAmmo];
FEH_vehicleAmmo = obj addeventhandler ["fired", {(_this select 0) setvehicleammo 1}];
Since Armaholic is down. I'm collecting useful scripts for anyone who wants them. Stay tuned.