“One of my favorite things to do with the Javelin launcher is set atop a hill with a truck full of missiles. The launcher can fire on anything that moves, helicopters, jets, tanks, IFV’s, infantry. A question I get asked a lot is how do you fire a Javelin in Arma 3?

Typically, people use RHS and ACE together. ACE changes the way the launcher works and fires. To Fire, pull up the Javelin, change your visual mode to thermal. Then hold down TAB to get a lock. If you don’t see a targeting square come up, you need to load a missile.

You need to have the Javelin up, armed, and in the thermal visual mode to work. A lot of people use TFAR as well, but there’s a key conflict there. If you want to rebind the key, you need to go into the controls then add-on controls. It’s under ACE weapons, and it’s called “NLAW Track target”.

The Javelin has a range of about 2000 meters and has two fire modes. Direct and top-down. In most situations, top-down is preferred as it can hit the weakest armor and avoid objects. Slow-moving helicopters lose their main rotor. But enemy CAS jets should get a direct fire shot.

If you have the option, I recommend using the titan Compact over the Javelin. The “tech” is newer and does more damage with the current balance of RHS. You will still have the same lock options as the Javelin. A fun “shoots everything” launcher.