There are many reasons you’ll want to holster your weapon, running fast, briefing, saving stamina. So, begging the question: how to holster your weapon in Arma 3?

In vanilla Arma 3, you need to have a launcher. Select it, and then double-tap “Ctrl”, as the launcher doesn’t have a lowered state you simply put it away.

There are no other options, though you can pull out your binoculars if you want to run fast and save stamina. Lowering your weapon with Ctrl will also help with stamina slightly.

With ACE, you simply need to press “0” on your keyboard. Regardless of what weapon you’re holding and what stance you’re in, you will simply put your weapon away.

There are options to holster a weapon with a script. You can add this to any mission file to have a holster ability to it.

To do this take this text and save it to “holsterWeapon.sqf”.

handleHolsterKey = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown",{ params ["_controlID","_keyCode","_shiftState","_CtrlAltState"]; if (_keyCode == 0xD3 && (primaryWeapon player != "" || secondaryWeapon player != "")) then { player action ["SwitchWeapon",player,player,-1]; }; }];

Then you will need to execute the script in your mission file. If these files don’t exist, add them to the root directory of your mission file.

In “initPlayerLocal.sqf”
call compileFinal PreProcessFileLineNumbers “holsterWeapon.sqf”;

In “onPlayerRespawn.sqf”
execVM “holsterWeapon.sqf”;

This will allow you to holster your weapon by simply hitting the “delete key”. I’m not sure who originally created this script, I can’t credit the author as Armaholic is down, rest in peace.

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