King Cobra

Takistan Operations



The story so far…


Intel has it that there’s a rich Takistani who’d pay a lot of money to protect his “investments.” We don’t know who he is, or what he does, but his money is green. Thus Golden Legion deployed to the sands of Takistan…

“At 2230 the Handshake was a success. Even gave us a bonus for meeting so soon. We will be deploying in Takistan. Construction contracts have already started. We ‘acquired’ a piece of land to the north of the AO. Tarmac is in place. Our mission is to do what this Takistani, code-name King Cobra, wants, do it quick, and do it clean. Hearts and minds are not the issue, though I doubt King Cobra will be pleased with civilian casualties. This is his homeland, after all. I heard these people have a bad temper when it comes to such disrespect anyway. Best we keep this to a minimum. Stand by for deployment, Legionnaires. It’s a long flight to the Middle East.”

1st Operations


Golden Legion was tasked to overlook some negotiations with some insurgents led by a UN representative. Under strict orders, we were just there to observe and provide backup if needed while being unseen. One of the Warlords showed up with his lieutenant and a large entourage. Our drone loitering high spotted a much larger force as their backup, including several vehicles.

As the meeting proceeded, tensions were high. UN soldiers guarded the meeting house while the insurgents surrounded them. But things went a bit sideways. An unknown APC with a single person pulled up erratically to the meeting and attempted to force their way in. Upon a few seconds of that, they tried to get away, only to be shot up by UN Soldiers and the insurgents. Shortly after, the lieutenant was shot by the War Lord right in front of the UN negotiator. At this time, everyone was pointing guns at each other. Not sure what triggered the rest, but everyone immediately began to open fire.

A heavy firefight ensued as Golden Legion held their ground and swept the remaining forces in the area. Something wasn’t right though, it looked more like UN collusion more than a negotiation.

After the smoke cleared and the bodies littered the landscape, Golden Legion investigated the scene. To our surprise, we found the UN negotiator alive! Golden Legion’s medics revived the man and took him into custody. The man was interrogated and thrown in a holding cell. We left with more questions than answers.


Shortly after settling in at base, we heard a few explosions. We initially didn’t think anything of it until we saw some well-trained and armed insurgents infiltrating our base!

The battle was fierce as casualties mounted up on both sides, but the battle was concentrated at the holding cell. After three waves and the smoke cleared, we found the captive dead. With our captive dead, we’re at a dead end. On debriefing with King Cobra, he mentioned a possible lead of his own…


very It appears that King Cobra came through with that Intel. He gave us the identification of a known insurgent that was supposed to make some rounds and deliver something. We deployed a scout to shadow and observe him in the mountains, an armored vehicle back a bit ‘just in case’ and a helicopter to keep a close eye on the movements.

It quickly became apparent the person had a lead foot and was an excellent driver. Our forces on the ground couldn’t keep up, relying on air to do most of the observation. The first drop-off went out very well, the subject was male and carried an old Mosin-Nagant. After dropping the first package, he left for another point. Our team quickly pulled in and swept the area. We found the package, which turned out to be an improvised explosive device. Though, with the Rhino system on the vehicle nearby jamming it, we had no problems pulling it from the house. We then packed up and headed toward the next drop-off point.

It was here that a few strange occurrences happened. We went through a few houses, came out to meet someone, then proceeded to shoot him in the back. He also must have been pretty angry because he ran him over with his SUV several times then took off. This place was crawling with insurgents as they attempted to set an ambush. However, our recon team spotted them early and we made quick work with them. Quickly scouring the place, we discovered an empty package, or one that was emptied just before we got there. Didn’t have much time before we had to head to the next point.

The last drop-off wasn’t in a village this time, but out in the country by a factory. As the recon team came in, they immediately got pinned down by sniper fire. The rest of the ground forces came rushing in to help. However, they were a bit behind as the mountain roads were very steep. Upon crossing the factory, we ran into an ambush. Our team dismounted and began to counter assault. Everything went fairly well enough, considering. However, after the fight, two civilians approached us with IED’s. A few guys panicked and shot them a bit too close and set off the explosives. That immediately tore through four of our guys and took out our armored transport. What started out as a walk in the park quickly turned into a nightmare.

Our recon team still pinned down by sniper fire on one side and our team’s medics quickly trying to sort out the mess. Shortly after, the recon team was able to take out the remaining sniper teams, while the medics brought everyone up by a miracle. Most of us were injured as we hobbled to the last hide-out and regrouped. There we found a UN Officer hiding in the insurgent safe house. We quickly disarmed the man and arrested him. With no ride home, we barricaded ourselves and waited for new transport.

Just moments later a black hawk touched down nearby and started to load up the more wounded, as what happened we spotted several enemy armored transports racing to our position. The black hawk quickly took off with just a few of our guys, and the rest began to open fire. Around 6-7 heavy transports unloaded with many times the amount of insurgents rushing us. The firefight was heavy, a lot of machine gun fire and rockets were striking the house. Golden Legion medics were busy patching up the wounded, everyone else was emptying magazines into troops. High in the sky, our injured personal decided they should man the guns and let out a firestorm that decimated the remaining forces. Very soon, the exchange of fire became very one-sided. After a moment’s rest, the black hawk quickly touched down and picked up our remaining forces, minus a small force to bring the recon forces equipment back. Moments later, the battlefield was empty.


There we had it, a UN Officer and more Intel from the Safe House. After talking amongst ourselves, we decided that the prisoner was a little too hot to hold for very long. We took him out in transport to the middle of the desert to “release him” as a team building exercise. We got back to base and didn’t have a lot of time to settle down before we were visited by a UN security team. They had an Interpol warrant to search the base to look for missing persons. How or why they would search our place was unclear. We didn’t get a lot of information out of them. After a tense moment of them personally searching everyone and the compound, a small team decided to go out and search for the missing man and ‘help out’. The security team appreciated the help and asked for a little break in our mess hall. We used this time to quickly relocate the ‘Intel’ to a safer location. Satisfied, they continued their search in the desert.

So in the aftermath we have another corrupt UN officer, a location of an Insurgent safe house, some information to decipher, a few scars, and 2 known locations of Insurgent hot spots. Seems we’re getting more questions than answers and more importantly, more options…