Golden Legion Community Mission Project


Who are you people?

Community Mission Project

Introducing the GL community mission project! Rather than having a single map we do over and over, we’re opening up a community project for people to play, test and enjoy custom scenarios on! The goal is to have a fun unique experience with these custom missions on automatic rotation!

The GL Officers will have a say on quality assurance and may make adjustments to your scenario but we want to include as many as we can. After reading this, if you still have questions ask in Discord!

How to Submit a mission:


• There will be a few requirements to fulfill before you can submit the mission.

• The mission should support up to 40 people. Playable with 1 person solo.

• This mission will require most of Discount Ninja’s quality of life scripts with in reason.

• Zeus should be enabled for the admin logged in, Officers and the mission author, you.

• Playtime should be at least 10 minutes to 2 hours. This isn’t a hard limit.

• The mission should have CLEAR goals. You should make it obvious what to do. But you can change that from moment to moment.

• All submissions will follow the same name conventions. Every mission will start with “GL-” in front followed by your unique mission name then the map designation.
Example: GL-Ravage.Altis

• All missions will be playable with out any mods.

• Vanilla maps only. DLC maps are fine as we’ll group them.

• If your map isn’t Altis or Stratis and requires DLC. You are required to have an in game timer. Once it expires the mission should fail so we can move to the next.

• Mission types are Player Vs Everything, few exceptions.

• You are required to credit yourself.


• All missions will be submitted in discord in the appropriate channel.

• Mission testing should be done before submitting it.

• At minimum the mission should be workable, meaning you can play and win.

• After your map is submitted you can continue to make edits.

• Be sure to credit yourself. Have fun.

Guide Lines

• Test early, test often.

• Try something you haven’t seen before?

• Hidden objectives are great!

• Let the player know what’s going on every step of the way.

• Don’t start the player under fire. Defensive missions should have a warning or a 2 minute grace time to get in and settled.

• Details! Add them!

• GL should be Green or Blue force. Let us know who we are.

• Make all enemies Tin heads. That is any non-uniform, budget weapons like AK. Tin hat. That includes drivers and pilots.

• VCOM AI script is available on request not required. Some times it’s better with out it.

• Design your encounters well. Are Air assets required? Are the men properly geared?

Stories are good too!

Silly ideas from Discount Ninja

Escape Tin head Island!
Air battle!
Scuba Squad Part XII!
No Russian!
Buy Milk during Invasion!
Beach Party!
Mortar Golf!
Pistols Only Vs Grenades Only!
Tower Defense!
Visit Uncle Dictator!
This is my original character. DO. NOT. STEAL.